Monday, 17 February 2014 00:00

Furthering SolarPACES outreach

DDDDDDDDDDDDD Written by  SolarPACES Outreach Team

The high effective temperature of the solar resource constantly reminds scientists and engineers of the high conversion efficiencies theoretically achievable through the thermal conversion of solar energy. Even if there were no considerations other than geostrategic and environmental benefits, dispatchabiity and high potential conversion efficiencies, our species would be well served by a stronger commitment to solar thermal research, development and implementation to meet our own insatiable appetite for more energy, for uses ranging from basic heating and cooling to electricity generation with "energy storage" through the manufacture of synthetic fuels and chemicals.

SolarPaces brings together scientists, engineers and administrators from countries and corporations all over the world that are pushing the state of the art of thermal solar conversion. Part of its mission is to share information about advances and to assist in eliciting and aligning international collaboration to accelerate the achievement of those advances. Another important part of its mission is to alert communities, governments and the general public of those advances, of the potential for further improvement, and of the dangers for all of us if this most reasonable of all technologies to convert the most widely distributed and abundant energy resource is not given the priority on which our shared future is likely to depend on the medium term.


To further the outreach of SolarPACES is the goal of this Blog and of the rest of the SolarPACES social media ecosystem that we are starting to deploy. Through this blog and the associated social media ecosystem we aim to engage in informed conversations with the scientific community and the society at large regarding the many interesting and beneficial aspects of concentrating solar power technologies and to further the public understanding of the role that these technologies should play in paving the way towards a sustainable world energy system.


The SolarPACES Outreach Team (Dr. Manuel J. Blanco, Dr. Christoph Richter, and Mr. Ezequiel Ferrer)