Friday, 21 August 2015 13:55

SolarPACES tests your creativity

DDDDDDDDDDDDD Written by  Dr. Manuel J. Blanco, Chairman SolarPACES Executive Committee

After more than 38 years since SolarPACES was founded, we felt the time is right to renew our image to reflect the current work and vision of our Implementing Agreement and the ongoing evolution of its brand. The network of engineers and scientist, which constitute the backbone of SolarPACES, has grown and evolved over the years and we felt it is time for a change to better reflect who we are and what we symbolize.


Our goal is to reimagine SolarPACES visual mark and create a visual identity that reflects the values associated to SolarPACES collective endeavor. An endeavor, which is nothing more but nothing else than the application of human ingenuity to harness the power of the Sun for the benefit of mankind. We want you to feel reflected on the hard work and the good spirit of Concentrating Solar Power and Solar Chemistry technologies growing strong and spreading its impact far and wide.


We are interested in positioning SolarPACES as the reference international network for everyone involved in promoting the advance and development of concentrating solar thermal and solar chemistry technologies, which we strongly believe have the potential to play an important role, if not a fundamental one, in delivering sustainable, environmentally friendly, and affordable energy solutions for all.


We want our new logo to keep pace with the forward-thinking CSP technologies. We want it to show that our network goes the extra mile to help you find every piece of information related to the growing number of concentrating solar power projects around the world and to facilitate technology development, market deployment and energy partnerships for sustainable, reliable, efficient and cost-competitive concentrating solar technologies by providing leadership as the international network of independent experts.


In order to achieve all these objectives, we've launched an online logo design contest so that we can benefit from multiple designs from the creative minds of thousands of designers around the globe. Creating a great logo is no easy task so, with more than 40,000 designers, we believe Crowdsite will help us on the process of creating our new logo so that we can keep fresh and alive our image in a rapidly changing visual marketplace.


This contest will be open until September 21. If you are feeling creative, go to our contest in the Crowdsite website and submit your designs. You could be the proud designer who helps us shine brighter than ever.