Roadmap to Solar Fuels

Strategy for Industry Involvement and Market Penetration

Authors: A. Meier (PSI), A. Houaijia (DLR), N. Monnerie (DLR), M. Roeb (DLR), C. Sattler (DRL), J. van Ravenswaay (NWU), J. Hayward (CSIRO), J. Hinkley (CSIRO), R. McNaughton (CSIRO).

Download the report here: Roadmap to Solar Fuels


The roadmap to solar fuels project aims at enhancing industry involvement in solar fuels production and promoting market penetration of the most mature solar fuels technologies. For this purpose, two sun-rich countries – Australia and South Africa – have initially been chosen to organize workshops together with external SolarPACES experts, with the aim of presenting to targeted local industry and governments the state-of-the-art and discuss with them the market potential of the most advanced technologies for solar fuels production. Subsequent to the successful first phases, China recently joined as third country. This study is a role model for broadening the effort, offering finally the whole SolarPACES community to benefit from the country-specific roadmaps and the methodology developed.

The outcome shall be roadmaps that enable the participating countries to accelerate the implementation of solar fuel production as well as a methodology that makes this attempt transferable to other SolarPACES members, or to countries that are of special interest for the SolarPACES members but are not members by themselves yet. The project and the roadmaps for the participating countries shall be connected to existing roadmaps like the one of the European Industrial Initiative on solar energy - CSPi and national roadmaps and political guidelines. An example is the roadmap of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency ARENA. There shall be a link between the existing Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) industry and the future Concentrating Solar Fuel (CSF) industry as it will most probably integrate stakeholders from the CSP side as well as from the oil and gas companies and the utilities. Therefore, the goal is to show where early market entries might be feasible, especially focused on unique conditions in the SolarPACES member countries.